The Motel: a special kind of Munzee that gives the first 5 cappers a room in the motel. The room counts as a deploy for the capper and will give the capper cap on points for any following captures of the motel. 

The point structure for motels is rather complicated. Below is our attempt at explaining it. 

Capture points 

Capture points = 5 + 5 x the number of rented rooms 

Example: You capture a hotel with 3 rented rooms. You get 5 + (3 x 5) = 20 capture points. 

Deploy points 

The hotel owner: 20 points 

Room owners: 5 points

Cap on points 

The owner of the motel gets 3 times the number of rented rooms in cap on points. For example a motel with 2 rented rooms, gives the hotel owner 3 x 2 = 6 cap on points. If the motel is full (all 5 rooms rented) the motel owner gets 30 cap on points. 

The owner of the rooms get points depending on which room number they have and how many vacant rooms there is left. The owner of room 1 gets more points than the owner of room 2 etc. 

Cap on points = 3 x (6 - your room number - number of vacant rooms) 

Example: You have room 1 in a motel with 2 vacant room. When someone comes capping (and thus getting room 4), you will get 3 x (6 - 1 - 2) = 9 cap on points. 

Capture points 5-30 points
Deploy points 20 points
Cap on points 3-30 points

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